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Hello my name is Hanna I am 4 years old. I am so happy you came to play with me. I am busy, always. I love to play with my doll house and watch Scooby-Doo. I like my bean bag and sit in it to watch my movies. I like playing computer games and surfing the internet. I also like playing with my sisters and brother. I really like playing with them when they have their friends over.  Mom can tell you more about me.

Hanna was born on September 22, 2000, she has been a challenging baby since her birth. Being a winter baby and having three older siblings toke a toll on her health. At 10 weeks of age she was hospitalized with viral meningitis and before she was a year she suffered with bronchitis and the flu. But through it all she has remained a happy smiling baby. She is also a dare devil and has fallen on her head several times for which she just had a c-scan which shows her head is normal. Though it all she is still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down.

Once she started walking at 14 months (late in comparison to my other kids) she was the boss of the family. She never had a difficult time prior to walking as she just went everywhere walking on her knees. But once she was up, then she realized there was a whole lot more to get into and boy that is what she did. She is a climber, clothes taker offer, mess maker and all around terror! She is real sweet and gives big kola bear hugs and will part with a kiss every now and then. She is very attached to mommy and looks forward to daddies arrival home.

Hanna already looks forward to turning 5 and going to school. She has even picked out her teacher and wants to talk to her every day. She iss draw her picture, pick her flowers or collect leaves anything she can think of to have an excuse to talk to her. I am sure even at school her rule on the household will remain in force. It is hard to believe how big she is getting. Now that she is the only one at home with her sisters and brother off to school she keeps me busier than ever.

Hanna likes to keep up with her sisters and brother so ever night I hear when she is older she will go to the dentist and lose a tooth and the tooth fairy will come leave her a dollar. She is right there with her siblings in her computer skills and has learned to spell her name.  She loves to draw pictures and is starting to write. My little girl is growing up. A huggie for Hannie, love mommie.

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